In response to the COVID-19 shutdown, many organisations are dramatically ramping up their production of online resources to support schools and families. We will update links here as we become aware of useful resources.

Please note that inclusion on this page does not imply endorsement or approval of the linked resource.

Educational Activites at Home

Many sites are producing additional activities that can be done at home:

Exercise and Fitness

Mental Health


Study and Revision

Timetables for Remote Learning

We have produced modified timetables for each class from P7-S6. These timetables have clock times for each class, rather than period numbers, since there is no school bell at home. We have also replaced the classes that are not running in the timetable with suggestions for activities that could be done in these periods.

Outdoor Activities

When outdoors, remember to keep your distance from other people and not go to crowded areas.

  • UK Bird Sounds App - now that the world is a bit quieter, go and hear some birds! (iOS, Android)